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Quay  Watermen’s Association

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Deeside Men’s Shed  

The idea originated in Australia 11 years ago to tackle growing concerns of social isolation amongst their male population - high numbers of men had time on their hands (due to retirement, unemployment, illness etc) and these things often manifested themselves in boredom, men suffering in silence with declining mental health and in the worst cases suicide. There are now 2,000 Men’s Sheds in Australia!

‘Men’s Sheds’ are social groups or enterprises set up in local communities for the benefit of men. They are self-governed, self-supported and sustainable with a small committee, their own individual constitution, their own income and eventually their own premises. How each individual shed looks, and the activities that take place in them, depend entirely on the skills and interests of the group. 

Shedders are artists, collectors, story-tellers, amateur radio enthusiasts, train spotters, model makers……  Anyone is welcome and any interest, skill or project is given equal consideration.

To learn more about Men’s Sheds:

To see how enjoyable a Men’s Shed can be look at the 12 minute You Tube video


To conttact the Deeside Men’s Shed  Fergy Bennett

Deeside Men’s Shed meets every Tuesday at 2pm at the Kathleen and May Heritage centre, but is currently short of members.  Come and join us!